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Mon, 29 Apr 2013

April 29, 2013
I love you all. This week has been a little difficult. The temperature's rising and all of our work seems to be falling apart (no one is coming to our classes, some investigators we've been working with for a long time are rejecting our message, a third of our normally active members didn't show up at church, and there were no investigators or less-active members either). But we've seen some miracles this week, too. We found one family of four that is very excited to hear our message and accepted our invitation to be baptized in the first week of June. We found another mother of two who also accepted the invitation to be baptized the same day. And a teacher who told us that the Book of Mormon is a gift and so he will read it "por supuesto" (that means "of course"winking. So we continue working and persevering. Next week is our Branch Conference where we have set the goal to have 90 people in attendance. To reach that goal we need to do a lot of things. But that's nothing to worry about because with the Lord's help we can do anything that may be necessary. Continue working hard at home, remember to read your scriptures and pray daily, and give your local missionaries referrals.
Love from,
Elder Bryan Hall
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Sun, 28 Apr 2013

April 22, 2013

How are things going for you in your half of the world? Mom, you're right. The first thing I did when I read that you're teaching chemistry was laugh. Not that I'm better to qualified to teach it (I'm somewhat out of practice. I tried to balance an equation the other day and after about ten minutes realized that I didn't have the right answer. How does the combustion of methanol balance out?).

The sun is awful, but so far I haven't really burned. I can't wear a hat and sunscreen here is outrageously expensive (when you can find it) so I've been sticking with a policy of avoidance. My tan is pretty well developed on my forearms and a bit lacking everywhere else. Every month we get the Liahona, so there are plenty of resources for us (I did appreciate your quotes, though).

After transfers I have a new companion: Elder Castillo. He's from Torreon, México. We work together pretty well (although we still need more time to get to know each other). There are lots of people to teach, and we keep ourselves pretty busy. The weather here has been a little cooler the last few days, but I expect it to return to being really hot in a short while. The heat does a good job at keeping me tired, though. I love all of you and hope you're reading your scriptures.

Take care,
Love from,
Elder Bryan Hall

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Mon, 15 Apr 2013

April 15, 2013
Buenas tardes. I love you all and am thinking about you in this time. This week we had a baptism that went through with no problems at all (and another three that were supposed to happen but couldn't). Also, we have transfers tomorrow, and guess who's moving to the beach! If you guessed me, you're wrong, but my companion, Elder Martínez, is leaving. So I'll have a new companion tomorrow. His name is Elder Castillo and the only thing that I know about him is that he's from México. Of course there are already two Elders Castillo in my zone, so there will probably be some confusion, but that's alright (there are six Elders Martínez in the mission and I hardly ever lost track of him). We're in the second straight week of weather over a hundred degrees (with two months to go), but that's all according to plan (I plan on drinking my weight in water every day). Time is short, and I must baptize, so adieu for now.
Love from
Elder Bryan Hall
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Tue, 09 Apr 2013

P day trip with district

Here are some pictures:

This is a buffalo. He is enormous.


This is my district, minus our district leader (he's holding the camera), in a combi.

thumb.reforma district in combi 4-13.JPG

This is a bat (one of two) that were in the church building this week during our English class. 

thumb.bat in English class 4-13.JPG

This is me with an Olmec head. We didn't go into this park (yet), but the ruins inside are supposed to be very special.

thumb.Olmec head museo 4-13.JPG

This is me.

thumb.Bryan in museo 4-13.JPG

 This is a jaguar.

thumb.Jaguar 4-13.JPG

The end.

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April 8, 2013

Buenas tardes, todos. I'm writing a bit late today because this morning we went to a zoological park in Villahermosa (about two hours away). We had the opportunity to see some animals which were very unusual and also some that were very mundane (at least for me; I've never seen mule deer displayed as a curiousity before). My entire district went, though, so it was a nice chance to spend some time together without the structure of a normal meeting. This past week we had a lot of work putting together arrangements for General Conference. The official word was that we were supposed to go to the stake center in Villahermosa to watch it, but the vast majority of investigators and members don't have cars or resources to pay for the hour-and-a-half bus ride. So we obtained a room with internet and did all the necessary towatch it there, but it was tremendously difficult to get all the permissions and what have you. But in the end we were able to watch the Conference live along with all the others disposed to do so, and we didn't even have to get on the bus (except to go to the priesthood session, but that was unavoidable). We also had zone conference on Thursday (which for my zone is basically the same as district meeting but with the mission president in attendance), and I received a Dear Elder from my mother from the 21st of February. So that was really exciting (I have no idea what took so long since I've received several others much faster). That's more or less all of the highlights from this week except for the pictures (I got the pictures). I love you all, and hope you have a happy week.
Elder Bryan Hall


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Mon, 01 Apr 2013

April 1, 2013
Buenas tardes! Os quiero mucho. This week has been a little crazy, but today begins a new week, so here we go. I didn't know Easter was this week until Saturday when our mission president brought us our new fridge and mentioned that Sunday was a very special day. You'd think we would have heard about it sooner, but actually, the people here don't really celebrate Easter (Most people don't even recognize the name). The Catholics make a big deal about Good Friday (I don't know what's good about the death of the Saviour, but that's what it's called), but nothing happened yesterday. Well, actually, someting did happen yesterday. Someone died and their funeral procession included every taxi in the city. I had no idea, but there are probably 300. That's a lot of taxis. And because of their position, they stopped all of the traffic in the city. Including the combis (a combi is a little bus that we use to get around the city). So we kind of spent a lot of time walking and waiting (more than usual, that is). We're all pretty excited for General Conference next week (even though we have to change our clocks. Yeah. Even in México), and hope that the weather cools down (it's been pretty consistently over a hundred). With our new refrigerator (which is actually old, but functional) we can have cold drinks in our room, which is very nice. In the week, we had some good experiences with our lessons. We found one inactive member and his family (who aren't members), and we have a lot of hope that they will all come back to the church.
Love from,
Elder Hall
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